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If you’ve decided you no longer need your life insurance policy, or you’d like to use the cash to meet a financial commitment, you have two options: surrender it to the life insurance company, or sell it to Policy Exchange. If your policy qualifies (check if it does here) Policy Exchange can pay you up to 6% more than the surrender value – possibly $1,000’s more per policy.

It’s a simple process, and will – if your policy qualifies – provide you with more money than surrendering the policy with the insurance company.


Five easy steps to sell your Life Insurance policy

Step 1
Pre-qualify your policy.

Step 2
Submit to us the information we need.

We can buy policies issued by these companies:

Step 3
Based on the information provided we’ll either supply an offer price, or confirm that we need further information from the life insurance company, or (in a small number of cases) confirm that we’re unable to assist.

Step 4
Once you confirm you’d like to accept our offer, we’ll issue the transaction documentation needed to complete the sale of your policy.

Step 5
Within 10 working days of our receiving from you the completed transaction documentation, we’ll pay you the offer price and purchase your policy.
Find out here if your policy qualifies


In the 20 years we’ve been operating in New Zealand we’ve helped thousands of people get more money for their unwanted life insurance policy.

Here’s a sample of some of the feedback we’ve received:

“I was looking at cashing in my policy but my adviser suggested Policy Exchange as an option that could see me get a little bit extra. They were very prompt with their estimates and provided a very good service once the decision to proceed was made. The process was simple to complete. Our plans for the money are for mortgage repayment and improvements to our beach house.”



“I was referred to Policy Exchange by my adviser. I’d decided to cash in my policy as my circumstances had changed and I needed to find money for a deposit on a house. They were very professional and friendly to deal with. By cashing in my policy through them Policy Exchange increased the amount I received. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to cash in or surrender their policy.”



“Having worked in Sydney for several years, I wanted to buy a property here. I decided to cash in my policy for a deposit and my adviser told me Policy Exchange could possibly get me a bit more. I can recommend them, the process was quick and easy and I got a higher payout.”


Sydney Australia

“My client said he was very impressed with my coming out of the woodwork and presenting the Policy Exchange option, when he expected to simply get the cash value as quoted by the life company. He said that this extra gratis has really helped + the speed of the offer = WOW!
The additional $1966 will go to his daughter who’s in her second year of university and finding the lack of money pretty tough, so this extra money will really help her. He is delighted! She will be even happier!!”

Hans, Financial Adviser


“We’d been seeking advice on how to reduce our debt before retirement. I’d bought my first policy in 1976 for two reasons: life cover and a savings programme, as had my future wife. When married, we bought more life policies when buying a house.
Now our children are married, our life policies will provide savings to reduce debt; we therefore surrendered all our policies. Our adviser suggested using Policy Exchange. The enhancement amounts they gained for us added significantly to the surrender values. We’ve substantially reduced our hefty Auckland-sized mortgage – and in just 18 months we’ll retire debt-free!”

Patrick and Sue, Secondary School Teachers


“Our clients needed some extra dollars for their retirement so decided they would surrender their whole of life policy. Receiving some additional funds above what the life company would pay was very beneficial. The process is simple and straightforward and the payment is prompt.”

Gemma, Financial Adviser


“Always a pleasure to do business with Policy Exchange.”

Chris, Financial Adviser


“Plenty of contact between me and Policy Exchange, easy and fast to carry out the transaction. The person I
spoke to was friendly, courteous and professional. I was very satisfied and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to
sell their policy.”