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Since 1994, when Policy Exchange created New Zealand’s trading platform for life insurance policies, the majority of transactions have been via advisers. We value the support of the advisory community, via whom we’ve provided cash out solutions to thousands of policyowners over that time.

We see advisers as partners and with the range of options now available to policyowners, the nexus advisers provide linking policyowners to these options is more important to us than ever. To receive our quarterly market updates, or e-versions of brochures or technical briefings, please let us know below. Or feel free to Contact Us with any queries.

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Adviser Only - Retirement Planning Strategy

When a policyholder has just a few more years of earning they can focus on building their policy for retirement, whilst maintaining some life cover in the interim. Under Retirement Planning Strategy they can, for example, increase their premium amounts in the pre-retirement years, increasing the nest-egg available for creating a future Regular Cashflow.

Who does this suit?

The Retirement Planning Strategy suits policy owners 5 – 10 years away from retirement.

This option is available only via licensed financial advisers. Contact us for more information if you’d like to add this to your tool-box of options.

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“The kids have left home, we’ve used the proceeds to make ourselves mortgage-free”

Market Updates

February 2020

January inevitably brings predictions for the coming year, and the financial services industry is no exception.

November 2019

Every week we field enquiry from advisers and policyholders about cashing out a whole of life or endowment life policy.

July 2019

We regularly come across policies where bonuses have been cashed out to free up funds. But an alternative option offers flexibility and better value in certain circumstances.

April 2019

The owner of a tranche of policies, collective value $1M plus, who recently surrendered likely missed out on tens of thousands of dollars.

Feb 2019

We’ve had the busiest start to a year for some time. We’re about to start a radio campaign to raise awareness of exit options amongst owners of ‘orphaned’ policies.

August, 2018

A new range of exit options for certain types of life insurance policies allows owners to access policy funds prior to maturity – without fully exiting the policy.

October 2018

In 2019 AMP plans to sell its legacy business, reportedly $5.87 billion of assets, to Bermuda-based ‘zombie’ fund Resolution Life.

February, 2018

More life policies are being cashed up early to fund retirement. We’re investigating flexible cash-out options. Adviser remuneration reminder. Policyholder privacy.

November, 2017

Asset rich, cash poor? Asset decumulation is the new black. Find out if it’s better to take out a Reverse Mortgage or to cash in a life insurance policy, considering ‘overall net wealth’.

September, 2017

High property prices and changing priorities of ageing clients means we’re seeing more policyholders becoming creative in how they pass on their legacy.

October, 2017

Watching the US Life Settlements market closely, we’re testing demand for exit options involving partial sell-downs while retaining a portion of the policy for funeral cover.

August, 2017

Persistency rates are relatively high, matching the pre-retirement asset accumulation phase. Supplementing retirement income is growing in importance for policyholders, and financial distress is causing a rise in Endowment surrenders.

July, 2017

How to trade a policy when the policy documents are lost, plus how to use the one-month cooling off period to reinstate a policy and gain some extra money for your client.

June, 2017

Changes in financial and life circumstances (e.g. divorce, financial hardship, or death of a beneficiary) can often be a trigger for advisers to check in with a client regarding whether their financial needs are being served with their current portfolio.


We deal in whole of life and endowment policies issued by:


Policy Exchange is the trade name of Life Insurance Policy Exchange Limited, a registered Financial Service Provider [FSP 16342], which operates independently of all life insurance companies. Policy Exchange is an ‘execution only’ policy trader and as such does not provide advice as to whether or not you should cash out or surrender part or all of your policy, nor does it provide advice as to the suitability of the offered options to your particular circumstance. If in doubt, we strongly recommend you contact your financial adviser.
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