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Unsure of an answer to these questions? Your life company can provide that info; you’ll need to know your policy number.

For policies originally issued by
AXA or National Mutual: 0800 106 652

For policies originally issued by AMP:
0800 808 267

Foundation Life: 0800 808 581

Sovereign: 0800 500 108


We deal in whole of life and endowment policies issued by:


Policy Exchange is the trade name of Life Insurance Policy Exchange Limited, a registered Financial Service Provider [FSP 16342], which operates independently of all life insurance companies. Policy Exchange is an ‘execution only’ policy trader and as such does not provide advice as to whether or not you should cash out or surrender part or all of your policy, nor does it provide advice as to the suitability of the offered options to your particular circumstance. If in doubt, we strongly recommend you contact your financial adviser.
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